Oh my goodness- you are amazing!  We love it and already watched it 5 times in a row (I'm going to be late for work!)!  We can't wait to see the feature film- thank you so much for your time and efforts.  I hope you realize how meaningful your work is.  We kept talking about what a blur the day was and I kept telling Sean I wanted to get married again so I could remember the day better.  Now we have your work to help relive the biggest day of our lives.  We plan to watch it each anniversary!  Thank you again Cheryl-you are the best!  ~ Tracy & Sean


Wow Cheryl, You got me good with this one!! I'm hysterical crying here!! Hands down best birthday gift!! It's so amazing I don't even know what to say!! Thank you so much for capturing our day!! Like I said before, it means so much that you were there to give us the ability to actually see and relive our day!!! I'd say you can post away and make it public, it's way too incredible for people not to see!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! ~ Randi & Craig


Thank you so much!! Jimmy and I just viewed the video and we both cried and laughed (ok I mostly cried!)!!  We absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!!!  We cannot wait to share it with our family and friends.  Jimmy and I are extremely appreciative of the job that you did. You were able to capture everything!!!  Thank you again!!   ~ Cynthia & James


Great Job! Brendan and I love the video! It is so awesome to be able to relive it :) You captured                                         so many wonderful moments, I will be watching it over and over again! ~ Ashley & Brendan


Words can not express how thankful we are to have had a talented videographer such as                                            yourself to capture our wedding day. I will scream it to the mountaintops that everyone…..                                         everyone should budget for video to capture all the details and memories that my wife and I                                            will get to relive just a click away! ~ Vinny & Rhiannon